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American Indian Education


Indian Education Program


We are the American Indian Education Program that provides support services to students of American Indian ancestry in Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, Sunol, and Castro Valley.  The program is funded by Title VII of the federal statutes.  The center is located at Lawrence Elementary School, 2451 Portola Avenue, Room 25, Livermore CA 94551

Mary Puthoff
Program Specialist



506 Form - Title VII Student Eligibility Certification



The Indian Education Act of 1972 provides for educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian students. In 1973, the Society of American Indians was founded in Livermore by a group of American Indian parents and community members.  This is a non-profit organization established to:

  • provide educational opportunities to the families of American Indians
  • promote the culture and traditions of the American Indian
  • provide scholarships for American Indian students in the Tri-Valley area.

Title VII is a federal program that provides for the education of American Indian students from Kindergarten through grade twelve.  Inclusion in Title VII requires certification by parental signature on Federal Form 506.  These forms are available at the American Indian Center.

The American Indian Center is open to the public.  At the Center, one can find many American Indian artifacts and crafts as well as a library with over 500 books available for check-out.  Teachers are invited to bring their students to the Center for educational and cultural programs.

Volunteerism is an integral part of the Center Opportunities vary according to the current activities.   Anyone interested in being a volunteer should contact the Center.

Technology is a valuable learning tool at the Center and plays an important role in our tutorial project.  Computers are available for student use to reinforce skills and learn new skills.  A great deal of educational software, including word processing and keyboarding instruction is also available. We provide academic assistance in the form of individual, teacher supervised academic tutoring to ensure that all Title VII students meet or exceed grade level standards in the core content areas.

In order to foster appreciation for and create pride in American Indian culture, the Center offers classes in crafts such as beadwork, as well as cooking, dance, and drumming.  Outside activities provide enrichment for students at the Center. Trips are taken to museums, historical sites, and special American Indian events such as powwows.

Our Native American Dance Group is made up of Native American students who perform traditional American Indian dances at schools and special events.  Students at the Center may choose to be part of this performance group.  Please contact Mary Puthoff, Program Specialist at mputhoff@lvjusd.k12.ca.us to schedule a performance.