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Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC)


The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee is responsible for monitoring bond finances to ensure the public that the money is being spent properly.  The committee consists of at least seven members of the public and cannot include any District employee, vendor or contractor.  Members of the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee include members of the Livermore community representing businesses, senior citizens, parents, taxpayer associations, and the community at large.  The role of the Committee is to review copies of the independent audits, inspect District facilities to ensure the revenues are being spent properly, review copies of deferred maintenance proposals or plans developed by the District, and review the District's efforts to maximize bond revenues by implementing cost-saving programs.

Committee Members

Name Representing Term Expires
Barbara Bailey Community at Large 2 years 2018
Holly Barker Community at Large 2 years 2018
Timothy Buskard Parent-Teacher Organization 2 years 2018
Karie Chamberlain Community at Large 2 years 2018
Betty Cleveland Senior Organization 2 years 2018
Vaughn Draggoo Community at Large 2 years 2018
James Fisher Parent Community 2 years 2018
Robert Kroepfl Parent Community 2 years 2018
Kevin Lalor Business Organization 2 years 2018
J. David Lopez Community at Large 2 years 2018
Will Macedo Taxpayer Organization 2 years 2018
David Voltz Alternate 2 years 2018



CBOC Meetings

Meetings are held at the Education Center Board Room (685 E. Jack London Blvd., Livermore) at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted*.


Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
November 29, 2016 11-29-16 Agenda 11-29-16
February 8, 2017 2-8-17 Agenda 2-8-17
April 12, 2017 4-12-17 Agenda 4-12-17
June 14, 2017 6-14-17 Agenda 6-14-17
August 9, 2017 8-9-17 Agenda 8-9-17
October 11, 2017 10-11-17 Agenda 10-11-17
December 13, 2017 12-13-17 Agenda 12-13-17
February 21, 2018 2-21-18 Agenda 2-21-18
March 12, 2018 3-12-18 Agenda 3-12-18
April 11, 2018 4-11-18 Agenda  
June 20, 2018 6-20-18 Agenda  
August 8, 2018 8-8-18 Agenda