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District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

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Monday, October 24, 2018

 Location TBD


What is the DELAC?

A district is required to form a District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) if it has 51 or more English Learner students. The committee is comprised of school staff, parents of English Learner students, other parents and community members who are interested in English Learner programs. At least 51 percent of the committee must be made up of parents of English Learner students who are not employed by the district. DELAC members are elected by ELAC members at school sites.


The purpose of the DELAC is to advise the school district governing board on English Learner services and programs.  As an advisory group, DELAC member duties include:

  • Development of a Master Plan for educational programs and services to English Learners.
  • Conducting a district-wide needs assessment on a school-by-school basis.
  • Establishment of district program, goals and objectives for English Learner Services.
  • Development of a plan to ensure compliance with teacher and teacher aide requirements.
  • Review and comment on the district's reclassification procedures.
  • Review and comment on the written notifications required to be sent to parents and guardian.s
  • Review and comment on the development or annual update of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

The overall goal of the DELAC is to improve our English Learners' acquisition of fluency in English and to help our students achieve academic success.


DELAC Officers

Laura Ramos



Esmeralda Moreno



Vanessa Moreno



Veronica Ferreira Maya

School & Community Liaison


Marni Angelo

English Learner Coordinator


DELAC Meetings

October 23, 2017      Agenda

October 23, 2017      Minutes


November 27, 2017  Agenda

November 27, 2017  Minutes


January 29, 2018      Agenda

January 29, 2018      Minutes


February 26, 2018    Agenda

February 26, 2018    Minutes


March 19, 2018        Agenda

March 19, 2018        Minutes


April 30, 2018           Agenda

April 30, 2018           Minutes


May 21, 2018           Agenda

May 21, 2018           Minutes