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Green Engineering Academy

Green Engineering Academy - GEA


Green Engineering Academy (GEA) is a program that combines Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) classes with regular academic classes like English and Social Science.  The goal is to prepare our students to be experts in using technology, so that after high school they can choose to go to college, go into career training programs, or start working right after graduation.


Why should you join GEA?

  • Our STEM classes are "hands-on."  You will learn engineering and technology by actually designing and building projects like solar phone chargers, recycling robots, and more. Anyone can do it!
  • We are a family.  Students and teachers in GEA stay together for each year of high school.
  • We have a free tutoring program to help you do your best in school.
  • We provide mentors (adults who are engineers or scientists) to help you plan your career after high school.
  • After your Junior year, you have the opportunity to do a summer internship where you work at a real engineering or technology company.  
  • Field Trips - We go to places like Monterey Bay Aquarium, Google, and Great America to learn about STEM.

How can you join GEA?

  • Visit us at LHS Expo!
  • Look for GEA representatives coming soon to your school!
  • If you want to join, complete the online GEA application:  https://goo.gl/QcvUSO.