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Livermore Valley Education Foundation



The Foundation - LVEF

The Livermore Valley Education Foundation (LVEF) was organized in 1991 by concerned parent volunteers when Livermore was faced with budget cuts that directly affected the education of our children. The LVEF, established as a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, directs donations to district programs that donors identify as vital to educational excellence.  The foundation regularly consults with district staff to determine where funding is most needed and then oversees the distribution on a district wide basis. 



Since its inception the foundation has given over $3.8 million in support of programs (AcademicsArts, and Athletics) as well as Awards to LVJUSD students and staff members. The Livermore Valley Education Foundation has an all-volunteer board, and its expenses are minimal (about 1% in administrative and 5% in fundraising costs). 



For more information and/or to donate, please visit the LVEF website.