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Mission, Goals and Vision


Each student will graduate with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world.


Non-negotiable are expectations regarding student achievement and classroom instruction to which all staff members adhere in order for our students, schools, and District to reach achievement targets. 

  • All staff will expect and support active student engagement in the learning process.
  • Everyone will respect and protect instructional time.
  • All teachers will base instruction on essential standards.
  • All staff will use results from assessments to guide instruction and measure student learning.
  • All staff will actively participate in collaboration focused on student achievement.



Our vision reflects our core values and guides our work in living our mission, honoring our non-negotiables and attaining our goals.

  1. Our Personnel:
    use data to make informed decisions
    support our shared mission and non-negotiables
    collaborate on a consistent basis
    develop supportive and encouraging relationships with students
    model and demonstrate kindness and empathy toward others
    understand and strive to meet our district goals

  2. Our Leadership Team:
    supports and reinforces non-negotiables
    establishes clear and measurable objectives and uses data to make decisions that improve student learning
    focuses staff on the actions and strategies to achieve objectives and allocates resources to support implementation
    continues to learn and model learning for staff
    is consistently visible at sites and in the community
    effectively communicates and collaborates with staff, students, parents, and community members

  3. Our Students:
    demonstrate social responsibility
    embrace an academic culture of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity
    seek challenges and manifest resilience
    make healthy choices and are physically active
    display and emulate positive character traits
    strive to meet high academic standards and behavioral expectations

  4. Our Community:
    is informed and actively involved in supporting student learning
    advocates for all students and celebrates their successes
    identifies and cultivates business and organizational partnerships that enhance opportunities for our students
    values high expectations and hold students accountable for meeting those expectations

  5. Our District-Wide Climate and Learning Environment:
    are welcoming and stimulating for all learners and visitors
    ensure that facilities are safe, well maintained and organized for learning
    reflect and celebrate student work and achievement
    promote a culture in which all student differences are valued and students feel safe to express themselves
    nurture curiosity and innovation
    are founded on a clear, strong communication system

  6. Our Curriculum:
    is rigorous and standards-based
    connects skills and knowledge to real world situations
    enables innovative learning methods and integrates use of supportive technologies
    is designed to encourage students to use inquiry and team-based approaches to solve problems
    fosters the development of higher order thinking skills through project-based learning
    is broad and balanced, encourages creativity and inspires a commitment to learning

  7. Our Equity Commitment:
    is clearly evident in the beliefs, actions, and interactions of our staff
    is apparent in our decision-making and allocation of resources
    acknowledges the innate prejudices in the educational system and society and works to overcome inequities
    ensures all students, regardless of their background, demographics or school of attendance, have equal opportunities, experiences and outcomes
    provides and promotes a positive school culture which values each student's strengths and differences