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Policies & Regulations


School Board Policies & Regulations are available at the School Board Reference Library 


To locate specific policies and regulations use the Search Engine and click on the "Advanced Search" option selecting the "Policies" or "Regulations" Library Filter


Board policies and regulations are organized into nine topic areas that are assigned a series of numbers as shown below.


Policy Series Subject
0000 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
1000 Community
2000 Administration
3000 Business and Non-Instructional Operations
4000 Personnel
5000 Students
6000 Instruction
7000 Facilities
9000 Board Bylaws



Board policies, administrative regulations, exhibits and bylaws are continuously reviewed and revised to ensure they are compliant with current legislation and district practice. 


The policies below have been recently updated or added:

  • Board Policy & Regulation 1250:  Visitors/Outsiders  revised 9-19-2017
    This policy provides guidelines for all types of visitors on campus,  Policy Summary
  • Board Policy 4142:  Employee Absences  revised 9-5-2017
    This policy provides clear guidelines to employees regarding attendance,  Policy Summary
  • Board Policy & Regulation 6158:  Independent Study  revised 9-5-2017
    This policy requires that a written agreement exist for each participating student.  Policy Summary
  • Board Policy 5121:  Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement  revised 6-13-2017
    The policy needed to be updated to specify the process when it becomes evident to a teacher that a student is in danger of failing a course.  Policy Summary
  • Board Policy & Regulation 5030: Student Wellness  revised 6-13-2017
    The revision includes mental health verbiage.  Policy Summary
  • Administrative Regulation 6153:  School-Sponsored Trips  revised 3-31-2017
    The revision updates the chaperone-to-student ratio on field trips and removes the option to waive this requirement.  Policy Summary

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