Purchasing Department



Doing business with Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

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Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Public Works Contractor Registration Requirements SB854

Purchasing Staff

Gloria Rios
Purchasing Director

925 606-3240 - or ext 3240

Manages and oversees Purchasing, Warehouse, Property and Records Control Operations. Determines the purchasing department’s policies and procedures in accordance with established education code regulations and guidelines. Handles any and all questions pertaining to purchasing or warehouse operations.


Lori Alston
Purchasing Staff (Purchase Orders)

925 606-3241 - or ext 3241

Processes all purchase requisitions. Assists in ensuring that requisitions are within approved adopted budget and meets all board policies. Handles any and all questions regarding purchasing.


Leslie Lemieux
Purchasing Staff (Stores Requisitions)

925 606-2741 - or ext 2741

Maintains inventory levels for all warehouse supplies. Communicates with vendors to obtain best price and quality based on approved specifications. Handles any and all questions regarding purchasing.