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Measure J Facilities Bond


Measure J was a local ballot measure on the June 2016 ballot that passed with 66.84% of the vote to repair and upgrade the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District’s aging facilities to ensure a safe and modern education environment. 

The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) is committed to educational excellence that prepares students to graduate and be successful. LVJUSD schools are among the highest performing in the State of California and help to sustain strong property values in the Livermore community. In 2013, the LVJUSD engaged in a multi-year comprehensive facilities assessment. The facilities assessment identified improvements needed to enhance classroom infrastructure and instructional technology. The facilities assessment also identified energy efficiency improvements and upgrades that could help save on energy costs. LVJUSD solicited and received input from teachers, staff, parents, community members, and the public as part of the facilities needs assessment. Our goal is to provide all students with access to the education and technologies they ‚Ä®will need to be successful throughout school, college, and careers of the future. Safe, modern school facilities and technology infrastructure are essential to ensuring student achievement and peak-performing schools. 

Phase 1 Projects Status:

The Measure J Bond Implementation Plan process is continuing toward completion and presentation of a Final Draft for Board review and approval. This Final Draft is expected to be completed in the next few months. There are large projects within the Measure J Bond Program that were specifically identified to be constructed which can move forward in parallel with the completion of the Implementation Plan process. These large projects will require an extended planning, design, and permitting time frame and should begin as soon as practical. There are also smaller projects that need to move forward as soon as possible so that work may occur during the Summer 2017 recess, or into Fall 2017 if conditions permit.   Through the summer months the Measure J Bond Implementation Plan – Phase 1 Projects, including Early Start Projects, will result in construction activities at several sites, and will have designers diligently working on larger projects, getting them ready for presentation after summer recess.


Phase 1 Major Projects & Proposed Scope of Work:

District-wide 10G Data Infrastructure system – Project cost $ 5 Million

District wide Data Infrastructure Upgrade
Replacement of Fiber Optics Network 
Replacement of Data Switches
Replacement of Clock / Public Address systems
Installation of Extended Wireless Network
Replacement of District Network Switches
Expansion of Security Camera Systems

Livermore High School Physical Education & Athletics Complex - Project Cost $30 - 33 Million

Replacement of Main Gymnasium / Locker Facilities
Replacement of Swimming Pool
Modernization of Practice Gym
Replacement of Weight Room
Replacement of Stadium Bleachers
Widening Running Track to 9 Lanes


Granada High School Physical Education & Athletics Complex - Project Cost $ 6-8 Million

Replacement of Stadium Bleachers
Replacement of Main Gymnasium Bleachers (one side)
Replacement of Swimming Pool


East Avenue Middle School Renovation - Project cost $ 20 – 25 Million

Renovation of Existing Buildings
Assessment of and Potential for Some Building Replacement


Michell K-8 School - Project cost $ 20- 22 Million

Construction of Kindergarten classrooms
Construction of a Gymnasium
Construction of a Classroom building


Facilities Bond Staff

Tim Boczanowski
Bond Program Director

ph. 925 960-2920


Esther Sadkowski
Facilities Technician

ph. 925 960-2921



Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee


Doing Business with the District

Summer Projects 2017

Stadium Bleacher Repairs
Granada High School Track Replacement
Selective Exterior Door Replacement
Exterior Painting
Apparatus Area Replacements
Multi-Purpose Room Sound Systems
Shade Structures
Solar Energy Project (Not Measure J)
Relocatable Classrooms at Michell & GHS (Not Measure J)

Early Bond Projects for 2016/17

Altamont Creek - Electronic Marquee -Done
Arroyo Seco - Electronic Marquee -Done
Christensen - Basketball Courts - Done
Croce - Play Structure
Del Valle - Hydration Station -
East Avenue - MPR Tables - Done
Granada - Stadium Artificial Turf - Done
Jackson Avenue - Electronic Marquee -Done
Junction Avenue - Repainted MPR - Done, Hydration Station - Done, Admin Office Remodel
Livermore High - Stadium Artificial Turf -
Marylin Avenue - Electronic Marquee - Done
Mendenhall - AC in MPR - Done & Sound System
Michell - Electronic Marquee -
Rancho - Electronic Marquee -Done
Smith - Electronic Marquee - Done
Sunset - Shade Structure & Tables
Vineyard - Security Fencing
District Office - HR Casework & Lobby Desk -
Maintenance - Re-roof P3/P4 - Done


Turf Replacement Process

Dedication of New Turf at LHS