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Emergency Information


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April 9, 2018


Dear Livermore Families,

As we welcome you back from Spring Break, I want to provide you with an important safety update.  

Our district is one of many California school districts, including several districts in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, that received what has been determined to be an email hoax that vaguely threatened violence. After receiving the email, we immediately contacted the Livermore Police Department. Through LPD’s communication with other agencies, it was determined that the email was not credible.

There is no indication that our campuses were or are in any danger. The mass, generalized emails do not name a specific school, person, date or time. Preliminary information indicates that this email is from an international hacking group that has sent similar emails to schools in the United Kingdom.

As always, whenever there is a safety concern, we address it immediately, with support from our local law enforcement partners. We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Livermore Police Department.

I am sharing this information with you so that if you hear rumors, you will know that the situation was promptly addressed and that our schools are indeed safe.


Kelly Bowers, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools


Novedades Importantes Respecto a la Seguridad


Emergency Contact Information

  • During an emergency, please do not call the school or district office. If the phone lines are working, they are to be used only for emergency communication.
  • Ensure that your child's emergency information is up to date with correct and current home and work phone numbers including a list of individuals allowed to pick up your child. To update your information, contact the school office.
  • In a non-emergency situation, if you have questions about potential emergencies or preparedness, call your child's school office. You can also call the district at (925) 606-3200.


Emergency and General Announcements

The Livermore School district uses a phone-based communications system to rapidly alert parents with important information and has the capacity to reach all families in a given school, or the entire district, within five to 10 minutes from the time the first call is placed.


While the system is instrumental in alerting parents to an emergency situation on campus, it is also used for general non-emergency announcements such as an upcoming open house, report card mailing information, picture day reminders, and the statewide testing schedule. Traditional means of communicating with parents is continuing as before. However, this automated system ensures that the district can reach every family in a timely and organized manner.

We will continue to make every effort to communicate the status of emergency plans to parents and the community. Our number one priority is always the safety and security of students.


Helpful Resources:

From the California Department of Education to assist students in Coping with Tragedy
Awareness, Preparedness and Action for Individuals & Families