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Local Control Funding & Accountability - LCFF & LCAP


Text-only version of infographic


Local Control and Accountability Plan


  1. Increase the percentage of students who graduate college and/or career ready.
  2. Provide an engaging, clean, healthy, and physically and emotionally safe environment.
  3. Enhance parent and community engagement and communication.

Performance Indicators

We want to increase: Attendance Rates, SBAC Proficiency Rates, CELDT Proficiency, EL Reclassification Rates, Parent Engagement.

We want to decrease: Chronic Absenteeism, Dropout Rates, Suspensions, Expulsions.



Supplementary: $5,744,682 (5.7%)

Base: $96,247,243 (94.3%)

2016-2017 Total LCFF Funding $101,991,925


Goal 1: Increase the percentage of students who graduate college and/or career ready.

Support Programs: Career Technical Ed, International Baccalaureate, Science, Tech, Engineering and Math, Project Lead the Way, Regional Occupational Program

Instructional Materials: CCSS-aligned, intervention, SDAIE, Language Lab

Outreach: Academic Counseling, Career Counseling, Credit Recovery, Academic Support, Pre-K Opportunities, Intervention

Professional Development topics: Standards, Engagement, Personalized Learning, School Connectedness


Goal 2: Provide an engaging, clean, healthy, and physically and emotionally safe environment.

Student Support: Lower Class Sizes, Counseling Services, Kid Connection

Professional Development: Maintenance, Communication, PE program, Foster Youth, Community Services

Resources: Technology, BYOD Infrastructure, Staffing - EL and CWA


Goal 3: Enhance parent and community engagement and communication

Services: Translation, Parent Education, Parent Support, Childcare for parents who attend classes and activities

Strategies: Communication, Involvement, Outreach

Staff Support: Student Health and Wellness Education



Local Accountability Plan (LCAP) -
     LCAP Spanish version


LCAP Overview - Infographic



Local Control Funding Formula-LCFF

  • In 2013, California adopted a new formula (LCFF) to decide how much money each school district receives from the state
  • The LCFF replaces the Revenue Limit and most categorical program funding
  • It uses base grants per pupil, with supplemental funding for students who are English Learners or eligible for Free and Reduced-Price Meals (FRPM) Program
  • The base grant will be adjusted to provide for smaller class sizes in the early elementary years and career-technical education in high school
  • The LCFF will be phased in over several years with full implementation expected by 2020-2021
  • School districts decide how to use funds with input from their local communities

Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

  • The LCAP is an important part of the LCFF
  • The LCAP requires districts to describe how they will address state and local priorities
  • The plan includes goals and associated measures to monitor progress 
  • It also includes action steps and associated budget amounts for those actions
  • The LCAP is not a budget document, dollar amounts cannot be meaningfully added together
  • Community and stakeholder groups provide input to help develop the LCAP


LCAP Advisory Committee

A special thank you goes to the District's LCAP Advisory Committee and the LCAP English Learner Advisory Committee for their active participation in the process this year.                                                                                                                                                                          

LCFF & LCAP Resources

To learn more, take a look at these documents, publications & websites.


LVJUSD Specific

General Information



Please send any questions or comments to lcap@lvjusd.k12.ca.us

From the California PTA

LCFF (click image for both English & Spanish)





















LCAP (click image for both English & Spanish)