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Parcel Tax Information


Livermore Community Reaffirms Investment in Education
72.41% Vote Yes on Measure G to Support Livermore Students

The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District School Board placed the ballot measure, Measure G, before voters in the recent June 3rd election. The renewal of this parcel tax continues critical funding to Livermore public schools, which began in 2004 with Measure D and followed with Measure M in 2010. With a 2/3 vote needed to pass for an additional seven years, voters showed up at the polls and passed Measure G with a landslide 72.41%. All Livermore students in grades K-12 benefit from this reliable source of funding, which is locally controlled and monitored by an Independent Oversight Committee. The flat assessment per parcel tax of $138 per year, with exemptions for citizens aged over 65, provides critical funding for:

Measure G

• Advanced courses in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM);
• Attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers (lower class sizes);
• Elementary school science and technology specialists;
• Keeping our schools safe and well-maintained; and
• Up-to-date instructional materials and comprehensive curricular programs.

Superintendent Kelly Bowers states, “I believe Measure passed because our community places a high value on providing a quality public education for all of our students. Our informed community realizes that State funding sources are often unreliable and inequitable compared to other districts, and that local investment in schools provides a vital safety net, while ensuring funds are earmarked and used for unique local priorities. Livermore voters understand our responsibility to do all that we can to provide our students with every advantage and opportunity to graduate with the skills necessary to contribute and thrive in the 21st century.  Community partnerships and supports are integral components of our formula for student success (Great students + Great schools = Great Community). We are fortunate and grateful that Livermore voters have re-affirmed their commitment to education of our youth, with the successful passage of Measure G.” 


Parcel Tax Documents & Reports

Application for the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

Measure G Exemption Claim Form

May 4, 2016 report from the Citizens' Measure G Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

May 19, 2015 report from the Citizens' Measure M Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

May 6, 2014 report from the Citizens' Measure M Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

June 4, 2013 report from the Citizens' Measure M Parcel Tax Oversight Committee 

June 5, 2012 report from the Citizens' Measure M Parcel Tax Oversight Committee 

June 7, 2011 report from the Citizens' Measure M Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

June 1, 2010 report from the Citizens' Measure D Parcel Tax Oversight Committee