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Press Releases

2018 Press Releases

9-4-18 Tri-Valley Students Invited to Register for Manufacturing Day 2018
8-21-18 Livermore Students Welcomed for the First Day of School
8-21-18 Livermore School District Seeks Applicants for Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
8-14-18 Teacher Models Lifelong Learning
8-2-18 Seeking Scientists and Engineers to Support Students
7-26-18 New Principals Announced at Mendenhall and Smith
7-26-18 Scarlett Lewis Shares Message of Love with Livermore Community
7-20-18 Superintendent of LVJUSD Honored with Outstanding Service to Education Award
7-2-18 Free and Reduced Meals in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
6-28-18 Summertime Skill Building at LVJUSD
6-21-18 Work Begins on LVJUSD High School Stadium Renovations
6-18-18 LVJUSD to Hold Board Candidate Information Night
6-12-18 LVJUSD Graduates Head Toward a Bright Future
6-8-18 Students Run the Show at Smith Elementary STEAM Faire
6-6-18 Teacher of the Year Inspires Students to Innovate and Explore
5-15-18 Livermore Management Association Celebrates Students, Staff, and Community
5-14-18 Rancho Runners Take on the Mile Challenge
5-9-18 Inspiring a Love of Reading at Sunset Elementary School
4-26-18 An Apple a Day is Marylin Avenue's Way
4-23-18 LVJUSD High School Students Experience Life Lesson in Every 15 Minutes
4-23-18 Livermore Agricultural Community Shares City's Ranching Roots with Local Third Graders
4-13-18 Joe Michell K-8 Fosters International Cultural Partnership in German Exchange Program
3-29-18 LVJUSD Board Approves Textbook Adoption for English Language Arts in K-5
3-29-18 LVJUSD Migrant Education Program Honored with 2018 Magna Award
3-15-18 The UNITE Team at LVJUSD:  The Link Between Technology and Classrooms
3-13-18 Livermore Students and Local Leaders Gather for School Safety Forum
3-8-18 Student Education Loan Fund Meeting at Livermore Public Library
3-5-18 Livermore Community Celebrates Science and Engineering Month
3-5-18 Tri-Valley Students Shoot and Score at Special Olympics Basketball
2-28-18 Care Copter Lands at Croce Elementary
2-27-18 LLNL Joins Dedication of Lawrence Elementary School
2-23-18 Students Make History at Mendenhall Middle School
2-15-18 LVJUSD Students Build Hands to Reach Across the World
2-15-18 Croce Elementary School Inspires New Generation of Global Citizens
2-9-18 Elementary and Middle School Students Get the Last Word in LVJUSD Spelling Bee
2-8-18 A Space for Imagination at Altamont Creek Elementary
1-23-18 Annual Livermore Middle School Tournament Multiplies the Value of Math
1-22-18 Livermore Police Department Connects with Student Community
1-12-18 Funding College and Vocational Training:  FAFSA Completion Workshop
1-11-18 Livermore School District Welcomes New Students at TK/Kindergarten Registration Fair

Please direct any inquiries to:
  Philomena Rambo, Director of Community Engagement at
ph. 925 960-2917, email prambo@lvjusd.k12.ca.us  
  Kelly Bowers, Superintendent at
ph. 925 606-3281, email kbowers@lvjusd.k12.ca.us