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Dr. Kelly Bowers
(925) 606-3281

Cathy McConnell
Executive Assistant - Superintendent
(925) 606-3281



Superintendent's Cabinet

The Superintendent's Cabinet consists of the head of District level departments and, collectively, they serve as a problem-solving and advisory group to the Superintendent. Download the names of the administrators serving in the Superintendent's Cabinet.



Dear Livermore Community:

As superintendent, I have the privilege of leading the education of over 13,900 students who represent the diversity of our Livermore community. Together we celebrate and respect the rich traditions of many cultures. I am proud to lead the District’s mission to educate all of our students so that they are able to contribute and thrive in a changing world. To guarantee that our mission holds true for each student, the Board of Trustees and I are committed to ensuring that our schools are safe places to learn.

In partnership with the Livermore Police Department and Alameda County’s Safe Routes to Schools Program, LVJUSD staff continues to improve safety at our schools. We are in the process of studying school sites, drop-off and pick-up zones, and parking areas during busy times so that we can keep students and community members safe. We are planning implementations of upgraded security measures so that our campuses maintain the highest level of safety during school hours. We have also updated our procedures for visitors on our campuses so that student safety continues to be our top priority.

Our commitment every day to every student is that school is a safe place to learn and grow. Our staff members care about each student. Together, we support and safeguard the children of Livermore.




Kelly Bowers, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools




Dr. Kelly Bowers Biography

Superintendent, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD)

Superintendent Bowers is a product of Bay Area public schools, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from UC Berkeley, earning her Administrative Credential and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at Cal State University East Bay, and earning her Doctor of Education from UC Berkeley, as part of the Leadership for Educational Equity Program (LEEP). She is married to a graduate of Livermore High School, and together they have three children, who have all earned college degrees after graduating from Livermore public schools.

Superintendent Bowers has extensive professional experience as an educator: thirteen years as an elementary, middle, and high school teacher in both urban and suburban settings, as well as seventeen years of site and district level administrative experience. Bowers taught math, science, English, social science, drama, theatre arts, journalism and leadership in the New Haven Unified School District and in Livermore schools. She served as an Activities and Athletic Director, Teacher on Special Assignment, middle school principal, Director of Curriculum and Special Projects, and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services prior to being appointed LVJUSD Superintendent of Schools in May 2010. Now in her 9th year as Superintendent, Dr. Bowers continues to nurture community and industry partnerships to benefit students and enhance their educational experiences and prospects. She is civic-minded and encourages community members to recognize the value of investing time and resources in public education. Continued...