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Open Enrollment & Transfers


Intra-District Transfers

Definition:  Transfer from one Livermore school to another Livermore school within the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD).


Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District has an open enrollment policy in which students can, if space is available, attend their school of choice.  Transfers of current LVJUSD students, from one school to another, are allowed and usually granted if there is space in the grade level requested.



2018-19 School Year


Intra-District Transfer Request Form

Requerimiento de Transferencia Intra-Distrital


2018-19 Intra-District Transfer Timeline

Submission Date Information Notification Date       

January 15 - March 1


Priority application period for Intra-District transfers.* Placement or waitlist status by May 1

High School transfers by March 14
March 2 - June 1        Applications received during this time will be processed on a space availability basis.*

Placement or waitlist status by July 1 (held and reviewed after June 1)

June 2 - Start of School Applications received during this time will be processed on a space availability basis.* Transfer request will be addressed after at the start of school    


* All applications received will be treated the same, there is not a first-come first-serve process. 


Inter-District Transfers

Definition:  Transfer from LVJUSD to another District or transfer from another District requesting to attend LVJUSD schools. 


From another District to LVJUSD

Note to parents requesting to enter LVJUSD from another District - Do not withdraw your child from their current District until you have received the signed approved form from LVJUSD.

Steps to Completing Inter-District Transfer requests IN to Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.

1. Obtain Inter-District transfer form from your resident school District. 

2. Complete form and attach necessary documentation (as outlined on page 2 of Alameda County request form).

3. Submit forms to your resident school District for approval. 

4. Typically the resident school District will send it to LVJUSD. Depending on the District, they may allow you to hand carry to LVJUSD.

5. LVJUSD will review the forms and information, and approve or deny based on the information provided and space availability.


From LVJUSD to another District

A parent or legal guardian of a Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District student may request an Inter-District Transfer for their student to attend another District. 

Steps for completing Inter-District transfer requests OUT of Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

1. Obtain Inter-District Transfer Form in English or in Spanish or paper copies from the District office.

2. Complete form and attach necessary documentation (as outlined on page 2 of Alameda Co request form).

3. Submit transfer form and information to LVJUSD for approval.

4. LVJUSD will process the Inter-District transfer form and send the transfer to the requested District. All requests are sent from LVJUSD to the requested District. 

5. The requested District will then notify you of their decision. 


If you have any questions regarding Inter/Intra District transfers, please contact Student Services at (925) 606-3206.