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How to Apply as a School Site Volunteer


The Human Resources Department is excited to announce the launch of a new online volunteer portal.  This new web-based system is a one-stop shop for volunteers, making it easier to get approved and stay approved.

  • One on-line application for volunteers with students attending one or more schools
    ‚ÄčVolunteer with red check mark and pencil
  • Downloadable forms for drivers and fingerprint clearance
  • Annual 'Click and Renew' feature
  • Email reminders to renew required documents
    such as TB clearance and vehicle insurance)


Complete the Volunteer Application.


Login to your volunteer account for information and access downloadable forms. 


Volunteer Handbook.


Thank you for volunteering your time and joining with us to ensure a safe environment for our students.  The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District welcomes the involvement of families and community members in our schools.

When parents and families get personally involved in education, research has shown that their children do better in school and grow up to be more successful in life.

Opportunities to Get Involved and Volunteer

Parent Teacher Associations & Parent Teacher Organizations
Each school in the district has a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Booster Organization. The primary purpose of a school's Parent Club is to assist teachers and staff in providing a quality educational experience for all students by sponsoring student/parent fundraising events.  Click HERE to connect with individual school websites.


Classroom Help
There are plenty of opportunities to assist students and staff with programs such as Project Lead The Way (PLTW) engineering program at elementary, middle and high school levels; the Transitional Kindergarten program where you can work with small groups assisting with art projects and activities; and MathCounts which is a middle school math program.


Do you want to volunteer your time to a school?  JustServe.org is a website that matches those who need help with those who are willing to give help.  To see what projects at Livermore Schools need your help click HERE .


School Site Council (SSC)
All schools receiving School Improvement Program funds or implementing a School Based Coordinated Plan are required to form a School Site Council which is composed of parents and school personnel.  The School Site Council is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the School Site Plan.  Members serve for two years and are elected by their peers annually at the beginning of the school year.


District English Learner Advisory Committee
This is an organization of school personnel and parents. Parents of all students who are studying English as a second language are urged to attend and are welcome to voice their questions and concerns about the educational program. Contact the individual schools for information.


Livermore Valley Education Foundation
The Livermore Valley Education Foundation (LVEF) a non-profit, tax-exempt public all-volunteer foundation whose mission is to restore and enhance academic and extra-curricular programs in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District. LVEF co-ordinates different fundraising events during the year including Reach for the Stars!  Click HERE for the LVEF website.